Restaurant history

Casa Pince, an emblematic high-quality restaurant in Barcelona, has left a significant mark on the city. Recognized for its refinement, it introduced the innovation of offering takeaway food and had a high-quality grocery store.


Despite being different from the typical restaurant, only serving commissioned banquets, Casa Pince was so successful that the Pinces decided to buy the entire house in the corner of Rauric and Ferran. The place was elegantly decorated in 1905 by the architect Joan Alsina, winning recognition. Although it closed due to financial challenges, Casa Pince continues to be remembered for its distinction and quality.

Founded by the Frenchman Jean Pince and his wife Catalina Ros, it quickly gained prestige among the wealthy classes, standing out for its innovation gastronomic. The restaurant hosted distinguished evenings of the powers of the era, from consular events to tributes to artists.


The architect Joan Alsina, who collaborated with Antoni Gaudí on the Palau Güell, decorated the premises, earning the award for the best establishment designed in 1905.

Its refinement was reflected in details such as the crystal Baccarat glasses, Lyon tablecloths with the name of the establishment and ornate menus on natural silk.


Catalina, who actively participated in the management of the business, demonstrated be creative and energetic. It was she who devised the most effective strategy: just after midday mass at the nearby church of Sant Jaume, she prepared her famous chicken seasoned with a sauce invented by Pinch. 


Then they allowed the smoke to disperse so that the delicious aroma would capture the attention and stimulate the appetite of the local bourgeoisie and aristocrats.


Although the exact circumstances of its closure are lost to history, the heritage of Casa Pince endures as a brilliant chapter in the rich gastronomic tradition of Barcelona, blending culinary elegance with architectural excellence in a peak moment of the 20th century.

Our gastronomy proposal

At CASA PINCE, we are truly passionate about gastronomy. Our culinary offerings are dedicated to reinterpreting traditional Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine. Each of our dishes is an explosion of flavors, based on quality, fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients. 

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